From then to now. 20 years of snowboarding. How did it start?

Vans presents: 20 Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow
Those early days… A beautiful homage to the creators who laid the foundation to what snowboarding is today.
Vans says

20 Years takes a look back at an influential era in snowboarding, paying homage to a pivotal period in defining a new generation of snowboarding culture as told by original Vans riders Shaun Palmer, Circe Wallace and Kurt Wastell. Reminiscing on years of style, innovation and true originality, Hatchett’s passionate narrative tells the history of Vans on the mountain, encapsulating the humble beginnings of the snowboarding industry along with the people who continued to progress the sport into the culture it is today

Riders to expect: Shaun Palmer, Mark Landvik, Kurt Wastell, Temple Cummins, Jamie Lynn, Circe Wallace, Zac Marben, Andreas Wiig, Daniel Franck, Darrell Mathes, John Cardiel, Nathan Fletcher

Posted: December 7, 2013

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