A Gigi Rüf classic: Volcom 9191 from 2010 (full film)

The DVD was released in 2010 and the snowboard world loved it. It centers around Gigi Rüf, shows snowboarding from around the planet and even has an original soundtrack composed by Pier Baron.

With Gigi Rüf, Bjorn Leines, Nicolas Müller, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Blauvelt, Wolle Nyvelt, Luke Mitrani, Blair Habenicht and others

Veeco Productions says

9191 is a sideways introspective into the bewildering snow-covered dreamscape of international time traveler and mystic of the shred – Gigi Rüf. Every year, Gigi circles the stratosphere in the name of snowboarding and 9191 is the accumulation of his visions from a season, documented in 16mm film, super 8, and highly defined video.

Posted: August 12, 2014

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