Video: Alpha Omega by HHFilms

This is not Alaska - this is Siberia. Full Movie 'Alpha Omega'

‘Alpha Omega’ is a bold name for a snowboarding movie. But maybe, if you film in Siberia , which is almost 8x the size of Alaska, this name just comes naturally.

Hash Heaven Films created this film with the support of Joint Snowboards, Horsefeathers custom clothing, Ponbon, Traektoria boarshop and Tvoya Stihiya boardshop.

Riders: Nikolay Grinev, Stepan Artemev, Alexey Batmanov, Viktor Teimurov, Artem Teimurov, Ilya Verxotyrov, Slava Abramov, Sergey Zuzuk, Tolya Ivanov, Sasha Xomushky and more.

Warning: Some scenes show skiers!

Posted: September 21, 2014


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