Video: Backstrom & Charlet GoPro POV FWT Chamonix, France – shralp! #205

Backstrom & Charlet GoPro shots from Chamonix, France - shralp! #205

More crazy snowboarding POV shots – this time from world famous Chamonix, France.
mee-z says

The Freeride World Tour stop at the La Flégère ski resort once again delivered some great GoPro shots. This is Sammy Luebke, who became third. But I think we have to cut him off here. This guy first has to learn how to adjust the helmet cam. This view was terrible.
Now rather let’s enjoy Ralph Backstrom here and later Jonathan Charlet, who got second and first place. And I now better shut up, so we can enjoy some awesome big mountain riding.

Riders: Jonathan Charlet, Ralph Backstrom and Sammy Luebke
Location: La Flégère ski area on the Aiguille Pourrie face

Posted: February 21, 2013

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