Video: Best of Nescafé Champs Leysin 2013 – shralp! #211

Best of Nescafé Champs Leysin 2013 - shralp! #211

The so called “Best Of” video from longest running snowboard contest in Europe: The Champs Leysin. Check out this clip full of party, art, birds and even some snowboarding.

mee-z says

OK, guys. This is a special shralp episode. This is about one of, if not the, oldest contest in Europe: the Champs Leysin. Now, I got this complete edit with music and everything, and they call it “the Best of” clip. And I won’t do anything with this. What you see is what I got. Now it’s your turn. I wanna know, what you think of this clip, which is supposed to be about a 5Star snowboarding competition. So at the end of the clip, please comment on YouTube or Facebook. I am really interested: Is this the stuff you want to see when you think snowboarding

Posted: April 11, 2013


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