Video: Dead End by Volkl

Camping Cars are the new 5-Star Lodge - maybe

Get into the van, do a road trip and hike the mountains. Maybe this is the ‘real’ snowboarding – what do you think? It is a little bit contrary to what Oakley showed us the other day.

Völkl says

What should you do when there’s no snow in the valley at the end of the season and most of the resort is already closed?
It‘s pretty simple, rent a camper, head for the snowy mountain passes and start exploring the backcountry with a splitboard or build a kicker next to the street!
That‘s what Völkl riders Simon Pircher, Peter Walchhofer and Marc Großgasteiger did at the end of last season. Together with photographer Alex Papis and filmer Balint they spent ten days in a very small space but with a lot of creative freedom.

Posted: October 18, 2014

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