Video: Defenders of Aweseome: Stay Badass by Capita (Teaser 7)

Scott Stevens likes to pretend his snow-board is a skate-board

Capita is doing a good job, flooding the net with sweet little clips, previews and leftovers from Defenders of Aweseome: Stay Badass (aka. DOA2). This one is good, too: Scott Stevens shows some creative tricks, that didn’t make it into the movie.

Now you can buy Defenders of Aweseome 2: Stay Badass here. The price of 19.95$ is rather on the hefty side, though.

Capita says

As the first CAPiTA team video released in three years and the highly anticipated sequel to 2011’s Defenders of Awesome, this movie delivers bad ass snowboarding from a stacked team featuring: Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubo, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard, and Dustin Craven, as well as up and comers Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Gamache and Brendan Gerard.

Posted: September 24, 2014



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