Video: Gen-Pop by Finger on da Trigga (2002)

A classic: Gen-Pop by FODT - Full Film

Part of Snowboarding history: Gen-Pop from 2002! Not so HD but so, so rad! The millennium just had started, no Bungee-Cords in sight, 16:9 was only a Math question and even cell phones were just phones.

FODT says

Re-release of Finger on da Trigga’s 2002 “GEN-POP”. In celebration of 20 years of Technine snowboarding company since 1994, FODT is a staple in the HERITAGE of T9. Featuring past and present riders like MFM, CHRIS COULTER, SCOTTY GOODALE, LIL STEEZ, ALI GOULET, TJ SCHNEIDER, RYAN THOMPSON, SETH HUOT, J2, JUSTIN DESTROYER HEBBEL, GAETAN CHANUT, ETTIENNE GILBERT, ERIK CHRISTENSEN, DARRELL MATHES AND TYLER LAITINEN

Posted: October 18, 2014


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