Video: Get Outta Town – Project Two (Episode 1)

So much Powder, you can hardly breathe, aka British Columbia, Canada

Get Outta Town is back. Now called ‘Get Outta Town – Project Two’ and it is a web series now. This is a film you gonna watch more than once – promised!

Still not enough? Watch the original ‘Get Outta Town’ flick here.

Snowboarder says

The first installment of Get Outta Town – Project 2 features these BC bad boys ripping through the kind of deep powder that usually only exists in the depths of our imaginations (unless, of course, you too are lucky enough to live in British Columbia). Benji Ritchie, Eero Niemela, Ryan Tiene, Iikka Backstrom, and Devun Walsh rip around in their backyard providing a video begs for repeat viewings. So, sit back, press play, enjoy this Whistler crew doing what they do best.

Posted: September 10, 2014

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