Spin-to-win-man Mark McMorris in Burton Presents

The man who makes you dizzy when you watch him go down the big ramps. Mark tells about his motivation and that spinning sometimes hurts (well, not the spinning itself, but the missed landing)

Burton says

This episode follows Mark McMorris through his most intense season yet. Injuries, pressure from all directions, non-stop travel – it was enough to level the average rider, yet Mark persevered. It began with a Dew Tour win in December, then a broken rib at X Games just 12 days before Sochi. Despite the pain, Mark pushed on, taking home the first-ever slopestyle bronze at the Winter Games. He celebrated by riding pow alongside a heavy crew at Baldface Lodge, then stepped back into the spotlight with a win at the world’s longest running snowboard event – the Burton US Open. With this kind of experience under his belt, the only question is: what will Mark do next?

Posted: October 14, 2014



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