Video: McMorris, Horgmo & Guldemond in slow motion from US Open Slopestyle 2013 – shralp! #208

McMorris, Horgmo & Guldemond from US Open Slopestyle 2013 - shralp! #208

Bad weather but incredible riding at the Burton US Open Slopestyle with Mark McMorris, Torstein Horgmo and Chas Guldemond in Vail, Colorado.

mee-z says

We had the US Open Superpipe last week. This week it’s Slopestyle.

Weather wasn’t nice. But hey, these are the best riders in the world – they can deal with it. Chas Guldemond dealt with it pretty well and he came in 3rd place.
Like in last weeks episode we again have the chance to enjoy the live jugging system during replay. It gives us trick name, score and ranking per individual feature.

Torstein Horgmo came in second with this brutal run. And we should take the opportunity to listen to the original live commentary.

Man isn’t live commentary almost insulting? No more of this.
Who else than Canadian Mark McMorris could win this event? He is the face of slope stye right now. This victory made him also World Snowboard Tour Slopestyle Champion for 2013. Congrats Mark and stop doing double backflips. We would have killed you for this in the 90s.

Posted: March 14, 2013

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