Video: Nial Romanek from ‘Think Thank Almanac’ (Full Part)

Stoked! Nial Romanek's part from 'Think Thank Almanac'

Think Thank wants us to buy their 2014 movie ‘Alamnac’ and teases us with this gnarly part from Nial Romanek.

Think Thank says

All signs are pointing to this being a Nial Romanek year. Early frost, deep presses, solar flares, a fast moving jet stream and miraculous maneuvers lead us here at Think Thank Almanac to declare that a high risk, strong presser El Romanek system is moving in. We’ve compiled the footage for the layman in one helpful place. Watch this video of snowboard predictions and take heed! Buy your shovels, secure your crew, scope your spots, bevel your edges and fill up the van because it’s an El Romanek year and you’re not going to want to miss it!

Posted: September 27, 2014



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