Video: Pathology by bryanwfox and wedrinkwater (Teaser)

'Pathology' - teaser with steep and deep Japan powpow

This is the teaser for Pathology ‘a movie about snowboarding and humans’. Pictures in the teaser are great but we hope this ain’t another self centered ‘we are the only ones who understand snowboarding’ project.

Riders: Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Tim Eddy, Shaun McKay, Alex Yoder, Rube Goldberg, and Rip Zinger

Snowboarder Magazine says

a snowboard film that could only have been made by the likes of Smith and Fox, two riders who have always wholeheartedly defined themselves by dropping into their own, individualistic lines, both metaphorically and literally.

Posted: October 25, 2014

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