Video: Really Gotta Wanna by Red Bull (Teaser)

They want it all: groms, backcountry, contests, street, and the legends

Another documentary that covers ist all (they say): ‘Really Gotta Wanna’.

Really Gotta Wanna says

A movie like none other; An actual riders perspective on all the challenges that a snowboarder faces. Breaking down 5 parts of the industry: groms, backcountry, contests, street, to the legends

Riders to expect: Scott Stevens, Gigi Ruf, Sage Kotsenburg, Seth Hill, Will mayo, Red Gerard, Russel Winfield, Shayne Popisil, Tim Humphreys, Terry Kidwell, Manuel Diaz

‘Really Gotta Wanna’ Teaser 2 is here

Posted: June 3, 2014

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