So pretty, so sexy! Mr. Kotsenburg in Russia and Bosnia.

This one has everything from wall rides to rolling front flips. It seems like Sage Kotsenburg found some new friends and great spots while riding in Russia and Bosnia. This is the 2nd episode of his new series ‘The Other Side’

Sage says:

It was rad ’cause I think that was the first time they’ve seen pro snowboarders in person. We got to meet kids that look up to us and they watch videos of us. But they are from a place that we’ve never even heard of until a couple of months ago, when we were trying to look up crazy places to go on a street trip. They’re so far away that they never see that stuff. Where you could go to a resort in the U.S. like Park City or something like that. You could see pros every day.

Posted: October 25, 2015


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