Finally Sage is just riding backcountry.

Bringing us the third episode of ‘The Other Side’, we think this is the best one yet. With his great skills and style the olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg is killing it in the Swiss Alps. Hopefully he just sticks with it and we will see much more like this.

Sage says:

I’m riding powder my whole life. Just growing up in Utah, being lucky to have awesome snow. But you know this is definitely a different level, than just riding a couple of lines of Park City or whatever.[…] And now you’ve done all that. You’ve done competing, you’ve done all the contests and there’s this realm of unknown and it’s called backcountry. And even if you know the backcountry so well, it’s still this mystery land, you know it’s still nature and it’s so humbling to be out there.

Posted: November 9, 2015


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