Video: Snowboarate by Different Direction (teaser)

Pure, honest teaser! Ride pow, get air and stoke!

Teaser for Snowboarate by Different Direction is a classic one: Artsy artwork, artsy music and little but breathtaking snowboarding, of course showing not a singe landing.

Expect these riders: Mario Käppeli, Sebi Geiger, Thomas Fuego Feurstein, 
Cam Pierce, Forest Bailey, Pat Mc Carthy, Krischi Geiger, Manu Bernert, 
Simon Pircher, Flo Corzelius, Kas Lemmens, Mary Luggen, Klaus Lotto, 
Jonel Fricke, Lukas Ellensohn, Raphi Hagen, Joris Doorn

Different Direction says

Snowboarate is breakfast. It´s the relation to each other and mother nature. It´s a board running on snow. It´s yelling loud. Sometimes sad but never lost. Snowboarate is a way we act. It´s a word but can´t be wrong. It´s a goal to achieve. Quiet, in a moment. With yourself. Waiting or getting ready. Waiting and ready, breath in. Ease, peace, silence.

Posted: August 12, 2014


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