Video: SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 16: Late July 2014

SBVM July with Alexa McCarty ITW and Scotty Lago's Switch Backside Rodeos

Enjoy the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 16 at Mt. Hood with Alexa McCarty, Side Surfers, Scotty Lago explains Switch Backside Rodeo and The Third Annual Merrill Minipipe Invitational

Snowboarder Mag says:

Welcome to the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 16: Late July. Summer is officially winding down, but there’s been plenty of action on the snowfields of Mt. Hood, Oregon the past few weeks. Olympians, video part vets, and up and comers gathered to throw down down on the well-built features at High Cascade and Windells, including an impressive sunset shoot that was definitely one for the books. Forty-four of those riders gathered for the Third Annual Merrill Minipipe Invitational, featured in this edition’s Heat Sheet. In FYI, meet Alexa McCarty, an up and coming Burton Am who spent her season traveling and stacking street footage for the upcoming Too Hard film, Tres Hard. Alexa matches her boarding style with a boisterous personality, so make sure to pay attentions. She’s on the rise. In Brand Identity, Vermonter John Murphy shares a small leather product with a big impact on keeping your eyes safe from the sun, called Side Surfers. And in Higher Learning, Olympian Scotty Lago provides instruction on a proper switch backside rodeo. It’s all in Episode 16 of the SBVM.
0:00 – Opening Montage
2:38 – FYI: Alexa McCarty
4:36 – Brand Identity: Side Surfers
6:41 – Higher Learning: Switch Backside Rodeos with Scotty Lago
7:42 – Heat Sheet: The Third Annual Merrill Minipipe Invitational
10:19 – Closing Montage

Posted: August 7, 2014

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