Video: SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 19: Late October 2014

15 minutes that bring you up to date (plus new texts for chatting up girls)

Enjoy the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine – Episode 19 with big powder, big rails, big movies, big stars.

Snowboarder Mag says:

We’re one month closer to the start of the 2014-15 season and we’re commemorating this with the release of episode 19 of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine. Satiate the urge for snow by watching riding from Austria, Australia, Virginia (yes, Virginia), and Argentina. Mark McMorris, Torstein Horgmo, Kas Lemmens, Len Jørgensen, Robin Van Gyn, and more populate the opening and closing montages. In this month’s FYI, get to know the man that had opener in The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword, The Backcountry Prince, Blake Paul. In Social Media, head to the hamlet of Plymouth, New Hampshire alongside a litany of legends, including Terje Haakonsen and Bryan Iguchi for the world premiere of Volcom’s Mr. Plant. This town is a stronghold of East Coast snowboarding and not-so coincidentally is where Pat Moore grew up. (Stay tuned for a bonus of NH legend, Shanesaw in the credits.) Stay on the East Coast for Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown. This year’s contest was smack dab in the heart of Boston, guy. Check out the highlights, including bagpipe players, Ryan Paul, Forest Bailey, Mike Rav, Frank Bourgeois, and more. And finally, Volcom, Giro, and the riders of Foreword provide a sneak peek at deep winter riding. So, put on a sweater because temps are definitely dropping and press play to enjoy the past month in snowboarding through episode 19 of the SNOWBOARDER Video Magazine.
0:00 – Montage
2:40 – FYI: Blake Paul
6:00 – Social Media: Volcom’s Mr. Plant World Premiere in Plymouth, NH
9:50 – Mr. Plant teaser
10:20 – Giro Snow
10:55 – Heat Sheet: Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown Boston
12:45 – Foreword Teaser
13:31 – Montage

Posted: November 2, 2014

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