Video: Snowboarding slams, falls and fails, FWT Kirkwood 2013 – shralp #209

Slams, falls and fails, FWT Kirkwood 2013 - shralp #209

The not-so-perfect runs from the Freeride World Tour stop at Kirkwood, CA with John Rodosky, Mat Annets and Tim Carlson – POV, GoPro Version
mee-z says

The Freeride World Tour continues to deliver great GoPro shots. This time we watch the riders going down Kirkwood. And by going down I mean going down.

This guy that almost fell over those rocks was John Rodosky. But let’s start with this gentleman: Tim Carlson. The line he picked put him into difficult position not only once. But see yourself.
Mat Annets chose a more straight line, and immediately made butt contact.
The butt wasn’t the only body-part that hit the ground.
I think that’s it for Tim. Let’s check John again and see how he does. Remember, we had him ragging in episode 202 becoming second at the Mont Blanc.
Well, it wasn’t John’s day, but thanks for delivering these nice shots.

Posted: March 21, 2013

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