Video: Super Slow Motion Burton US Open Superpipe: Vito, Hirano & White – shralp! #207

Burton US Open Superpipe: Vito, Hirano & White - shralp! #207

These are probably the best snowboarding halfpipe runs you will see this season.
With: Louie Vito, Ayumu Hirano and Shaun White in Vail, CO

mee-z says

Welcome to the Burton US Open, welcome to Vail Colorado. Vail Colorado you might ask? Yes you heard right. The first time in its about 200years years of history the US Open were not in Stratton at the East Cost.
But lets skip snowboarding politics here and watch Louie Vito come in as 3rd.
And now as we watch this run again in slow motion we get the full package of modern technology: Live Judging with trick name, points and ranking displayed to our convenience. We finally might be able to understand snowboarding contests.
Coming in 2nd, our new Japanese friend Ayumu Hirano with his unique but convincing style. This second place made him also the World Snowboard Tour Halfpipe Champion for 2013. The youngest so far, he still is only 14 years old.
And who won? The fifth time in a row. Shaun “I finally cut my hair” White.
Did you check out his run in snow motion? Did you compare it to Ayumu’s run? You better rewind now.

Posted: March 7, 2013

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