Video: Tentacularrr by Futscher Films

German crew shreds everything in sight. From Laax to the Czech Republic

Made with heart and passion and on a budget this full film documents a full season of enthusiastic shralpers. Shot in Germany, Laax, Switzerland and the Czech Republic with Flo Günther, Simon Rauser, Hendryk Schneider, Max Wildenmann, Fabian Fuchs, Michael Gutscher.
Futscher Films says

One decade, ten years, that’s what’s up. So we are very proud to present to you our 10th movie this year…
Mostly we had tons of fun doing some urban- and other creative stuff in the black-forest area. We also travelled deep into the Czech Republic, which turned out to be the “best road trip ever”. Finally, the whole crew showed up in Laax to fight against the weather …

Posted: January 2, 2014


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