Video: the 7th annual shorts & shades

What do you wear in summer? Shorts and shades!

Shorts and Shades: Hang out, ride wild, love slush and definitely don’t wear proper snowboarding apparel.

Tre Squad says

Filmed by everyone, but mostly Blake Geis. Edited by Gus and Max Warbington. Thanks for coming, it was so insane.
Featuring the riding of: Lucas Wachs (skier and snowboarder), Austin Ford, Gus Warbington, Max Warbington, JD Dennis, Logan Beaulieu, Matt Gonzales, Will Dennis, Ben Ferguson, Jacques Mayou, David Gray, Carl Wernhoff, Kent Callister, Demetri Bales, Tyler Orton, Paul Gilbert, Kellan Broderick, Nathan Jacobson, Austin Leonard, Desiree Melancon, Pacho, Zach Ferguson, Trenton Bliesner, Tanner Annichiarico, Canyon Willis, Dylan Craig, Jake Selover & many many more.

Posted: August 15, 2014


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