Heikki really showing that he is one of the greatest of the shred scene.

Heikki Sorsa and friends just talking about snowboarding; how he was wearing a mohawk at the olympics, having his own menu at McDonald’s just showing how relaxed he is about everything and that you just need to have fun and enjoy.
With interviews from the likes of Terje H​åkonsen,​Nicolas M​üller, Eero Ettala and Lauri Heiskar this one is quite interesting.

Heikki says:

Wearing a mohawk in a contest was just like I just wanted to wear it and show that snowboarding is all about fun. You can still have fun, even though you were like really doing your best. ’cause I hate those skiers and those cross country skiers. Well I don’t hate them but you know what I mean. They’re just really almost crying if they don’t win. For me it seems like they’re not having fun at all what they do. So I think that’s what snowboarding is all about: Just having fun!

Posted: October 15, 2015


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