The White Album

Flashback: The White Album (not Beatles but Shaun)

More than 10 years ago, “The Shaun White Album” laid the foundation for Shaun White’s über success. It showed this kid really knows how to ride park and pipe (and even knows how to skateboard). And BTW Tony Hawk bullying little Shaun is still hilarious.
IMDb says

Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Tony Hawk, Shaun White. Every decade produces great athletes; a supernatural who comes to define the sport. This decade, in the world of snowboarding, that athlete’s name is Shaun White. By the age of 15, White’s been showcased more than most people are in a lifetime. His career is just getting started, and he’s taken the snowboard world by storm. From placing 1st at the Sim’s World Championship in Vail, Colorado, to the new car he won in the Toyota Big Air in Japan (he didn’t even have a driver’s license yet), to winning the most prestigious “Arctic Challenge” in Norway – White is becoming a household name all over the world. Now at the age of 17, after 12 podium parking spots last season, White has grown into the big boy style and the veterans are a little concerned about the “Flying Tomato.” He’s highly respected by his peers, extremely talented, and has a long, prosperous career ahead.

Posted: August 30, 2010


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