Video: The Snowboarder Movie: Foreword (Teaser)

Snowboarder Magazine makes a movie and the teaser looks epic

Snowboarder Magazine is around for a while (since 1987 to be exact) but the haven’t released a full length movie for a long time. This year they bring you ‘The Snowboarder Movie: Foreword’ and judging by this teaser – it is kick ass.

There will be a 4 stop premiere tour through the US in September. Find the schedule here.

Riders to expect: Spencer Schubert, Dillon Ojo, Hans Mindnich, Sam Taxwood, Dylan Alito, Garrett Warnick, Jaeger Bailey, Blake Paul, Nils Mindnich and Ben Ferguson

Snowboarder Magazine says

As snowboarding progresses exponentially with every passing winter, it is imperative to continually look to the future, and with Foreword, the door is opened for the next generation of snowboarding superstars, personalities and luminaries that span the full spectrum of the current crop of today’s talent.

Posted: September 13, 2014

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