Video: Wildcats Nine Lives

A Snowboarding DVD classic from 2002: "Wildcats Nine Lives"

It is a classic from 2002: “Nine Lives”, the second snowboarding movie from the Canadian Crew “Wildcats”. Showing riders like JF Pelchat, Max Jenke, BJ Leines, Dave Cashen, Devun Walsh, Gaetan Chanut, Kale Stephens, Dionne Delesalle, Chris Dufficy, Pete Anderson, Jacob Mcintyre, Chris Brown, Pavvo Tikkanen, Tadashi Fuse, Mike Page and some others shredding Vancouver, Japan, tons of other resorts and of course the local bar.

SOVonline says:

With the help of night vision, wireless mics and an arsenal of handheld cameras, the ‘cats have documented their year, every second, uncut.

Posted: August 6, 2010

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