Wolle Nywelt

Wolle Nyvelt roadgaps on a no-board - one-footed! And other crazy powder shots.

I know you are totally aware that the ÄSTHETIKER Crew is living on a different planet. It seems like a beautiful planet where powder riding is the norm, but using bindings is not.

Some leftovers from Absinthe Films’ “Eversince” and shots from “Wolle’s” friend and filmer Andreas “Mone” Monsberger.

From the press release:

As every year, Wolfgang „Wolle“ Nyvelt and Andreas „Mone“ Monsberger were traveling last season to the most beautiful powder places of this planet to follow their passion of snowboarding, powsurfing and filming. They produced tons of first-class footage for the new Absinthe Films flick „Eversince.“ And even the B-Roll footage was just too awesome to be kept from you! Here comes a first-class leftover footage B-Roll edit by MoneEpic. Watch out, Wolle is not only ripping it in the backcountry with his snowboard, he is also surfing fresh snow with his Äsmo PowSurfer, just without bindings!

Posted: January 21, 2016


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